Neighborhood Steet Fund Grant – We got it!

For safety improvements at the intersections of SW Spokane/ Alki Trail/ Harbor Ave SW/ Avalon Way/ SW Manning. Ranked #1 in the city of the 12 projects awarded from the 40 proposals that made it through the District Council voting and SDOT vetting.
Background here and SDOT evaluation here.


Ranked high because the need is so obvious for better crossing safety for people walking and riding bikes. And because under Jodi Connolly’s leadership, with Bill Gobie’s ideas, we worked put together a coalition with Tony Fragada and Alki Community Council, Luna Park Neighbors, Nucor Steel, and got support from David Whiting of Admiral Neighborhood Association and SW District Council, and worked with Luna Park businesses to make sure their needs are included.  Thanks to Dongho Chang, SDOT Chief Traffic Engineer, for coming out to observe conditions and steer us in the right direction.  Thank you to Joe Laubach and all members of the Move Seattle Oversight Committee for supporting this project!

Urbanist article here about all of the projects. Would be great to see more of them funded!


Neighborhood Street Fund Grants come up every three years, for projects in the $100-500K  range. Year 1: selection. Year 2: design. Year 3: construction.