SW Spokane / Harbor / Avalon Safety

WSBC members Jodi Connolly, Bill Gobie and Don Brubeck met with President of Alki Community Council Tony Fragada and Seattle Chief Traffic Engineer Dongho Chang to look at opportunities to improve visibility and safety at SW Spokane/ Harbor SW/ Alki Trail/ SW Avalon Way intersection.   #1 problem: Coming down Spokane ramp, drivers in low cars turning right cannot see and fail to yield to people on foot or on bikes crossing with the light at crosswalk, due to guardrail and crosswalk locations. This is a main route by bike up to the WS Junction and beyond.




Thank you Dongho and Tony, for spending part of your Sunday afternoon with us!



We are planning to submit a Neighborhood Streets Fund grant application to improve safety and visibility here, working with Alki Community Council, Luna Park merchants, Nucor Steel, and reaching out to North Delridge Neighborhood Council. If you want to improve traffic safety at this intersection and willing to write or go to a meeting of your neighborhood association to put in a good word for this application, March is the time to do it



We are also supporters of a different grant application submitted by Luna Park merchants and neighbors to restore landscaping and make this a nicer entry to West Seattle, recalling local history and making it easier to maintain.  That’s for a small Neighborhood Parks & Streets fund grant.