Spokane Street Bridge – open for ships, breathing and stretching

Spokane Street Bridge - open for ships, breathing and stretching
Bridge open tonight… time to stretch, chat, check for messages. What do you do when the bridge opens just before you make it to the gate? Have you seen Kelli Refer’s little book Pedal Stretch Breathe – the Yoga of Bicycling? Bridge opening can be a good time to be present, to find contentment, even ...

Connect Seattle – West Seattle Bike Connections

We are part of Connect Seattle – the West Seattle, South Park and White Center part.  It’s a new initiative from Cascade Bicycle Club with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.  Connect Seattle is a long-term citywide campaign to create a complete network of bikeways connecting neighborhoods across the city so everyone can ride safely. The campaign is ...

Connect Seattle Summit – 5-Way Intersection

Connect Seattle Summit - 5-Way Intersection
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”. John Lennon   West Seattle Bike Connections represented West Seattle at Cascade Bicycle Club’s Connect Seattle Summit yesterday. Cascade is helping set up Connect Seattle groups around the city to develop campaigns for critical bicycle transportation improvements. We are ...

West Seattle 12 ride

West Seattle 12 ride
There is time to get out for this West Seattle 12s ride to burn off some nervous energy before the game and send the HAWKS some love.

Trucks + Bikes this morning

Trucks + Bikes this morning
Cars were turning around to try another route, instead of waiting for the trucks backed up from the Terminal 46 entry gate at Atlantic Street on East Marginal Way S. Bike commuters were going through without any problem.  A perfect example of how truck traffic in the port and industrial areas is in conflict with ...

Saturday January 31 – Connect Seattle Summit

Saturday January 31 - Connect Seattle Summit
Going to Connect Seattle Summit at Cascade Bicycle Club on Saturday (tomorrow)? If you want to ride there together to represent West Seattle, South Park, or White Center, meet on Alki Trail at 59th SW ready to roll at 10:30 am or under West Seattle Bridge where the trails meet, at 10:45.

WSBC Meeting February 3

6:30 to 8:00 pm. Come join us!  Open meeting to plan and report on advocacy, events, rides to make it easier and safer to get around by bike in West Seattle. Usually at HomeStreet Bank, 41st Ave SW & SW Alaska St, near the Alaska Junction. Check location the day of meeting.

Councilmember Tom Rasmussen has decided not to run for re-election, as you may know by now if you read the West Seattle Blog or the Seattle Bike BlogThank you, Tom Rasmussen for serving us well. We will miss you especially in West Seattle, but you are leaving us a legacy of a better transportation network ...

Options for Chelan 5-way intersection! 1

Options for Chelan 5-way intersection!
Short, Medium and Long Term schemes were presented at tonight’s Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Meeting. These grew out of a workshop held last February with participation by SDOT and lots of stakeholders, including West Seattle Bike Connections.  The short term option has funding and can be completed in 2015. The medium and long term options ...

Crosswalks on Delridge for Boren School

A win for traffic safety at Boren School on Delridge! Last February we helped push Craig Rankin’s initiative in going after a Seattle Neighborhood Parks and Streets Fund grant for a crosswalk at Boren. It’s a super long block where people cross the busy street with no protection. The initial reaction to the proposal was ...