No bus? Ride with us!

No bus?  Ride with us!
Until the Washington State legislature, King County or Seattle government figure out what to do to provide the bus service we need, some of us can ride bikes to get places and free up seats on the buses that are still running, and free up space on the roads for those who must drive. Bicycle ...

Great Streets

Great Streets
This Urban Land Institute magazine article talks about what cities are doing to turn auto-only thoroughfares  into lively, pedestrian-friendly streets for all users    

Bikenomics – How Bicycling Can Save the Economy

Bikenomics - How Bicycling Can Save the Economy
Who’s street is it?  Are bike riders just freeloaders on roads paid for by car drivers?  What about parking? Are bike riders either elitists or DUIclists? Some of us are buying and passing around Elly Blue’s new book — preaching to the choir, but she has good stories and lots of good data to back ...

We Need Volunteers!

We Need Volunteers!
Do you like bikes?  Do you like riding bikes in, around, and through West Seattle?  Maybe not?  Do you think there could be better infrastructure in place?  We do too!  And we need you to help us out. Our parent organization (Sustainable West Seattle) is having a volunteer orientation and appreciation event on Saturday, May ...

Bike Share is Coming!

Bike Share is Coming!
But not to West Seattle.  Boo!  Here’s another example of how West Seattle is treated like the ugly red-headed step-child of Seattle – no “viable” bike share station locations.  Of course they’re going to be sprinkled all over central and northern Seattle.  But southern and western Seattle?  We just get no love. So here’s your ...

Hope Springs Eternal – Ride to Safeco

Hope Springs Eternal - Ride to Safeco
When Al is not driving kids around West Seattle in a big yellow bus, you might find him riding his bike to a Mariner’s game. About 20 games a season by bike. Why ride? It’s fast, easy, fun and free. Nice bike cage at Safeco Field’s garage for at least 50-60 bikes, right by the ...

WSBC meeting Tuesday 4/1 @ 6:30

Please join us  at Home Street Bank,  4022 SW Alaska St Lots on the agenda, with Bike Month coming up; grant applications; projects at schools; Greenways; intersections; bike corrals; Alki Summer Streets and summer events to plan. Open meeting.  You are invited. See the Calendar for map, details Meeting agenda and notes can be found ...

We mean business! 1

We mean business!
We mean bikes are good for business! Talking bike parking at the Junction with business owners and Kyle Rowe from SDOT tonight.

Riding in the Rain 1

Riding in the Rain
            We’ve been riding in the rain! In the city.. and in the country.  You can haul your own ark if you are worried about flooding. Lots of ways to do it comfortably and arrive dry in our mild, moist, maritime climate. Cascade posted some good tips a while back. ...

Tweed Ride Report

Tweed Ride Report
We ride in the rain! It dampened our tweed outfits, but not our spirits! A few intrepid West Seattle Bike Connections members dressed up and rode to Bike Expo at Pier 91, all arriving warm, dry and looking good.  We enjoyed the amazing German bike acrobats, the food, the new bikes, the classic bikes, the ...