Vote for Clean Air: Vote YES on I-1631

All Seattle Neighborhood Greenways coalition groups, including West Seattle Bike Connections, and WA Bikes voted to endorse Initiative 1631!The next step is the one that really counts: Your vote on your ballot.

As Gordon at SNG says,
“It’s a natural fit as clean air and a stable climate for our families and future generations is one reason many of us, are dedicated to this work of transforming our streets and transportation system. What’s more, this initiative does more than just put a price on pollution, it will likely invest in clean transportation projects that we care about here in Seattle. ”

the campaign is leaning heavily on a strategy of turning out the vote here in Seattle. That means we are ideally situated to talk to our neighbors about why this ballot measure is important. I encourage all of us to have those conversations over the next few weeks, because person to person conversations have been proven to be the most effective way to win more votes.

Can you spend a few hours canvassing? There is canvassing happening in neighborhoods around the city every day,