Spokane St Bridge Counts 2

The bridge goes sideways, and so do the bike counts this year.

Up just 1.8% year to date over last year. June and July were lower, after an amazing Viaduct-closure boost in May. August was up.  Pretty much the same pattern at the Fremont Bridge.

If you or someone you know decided ride in May during the Viaduct closure, and then went back to car or bus:  What made you decide not to continue commuting by bike? Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.42.47 PM

  • Alexandre_Rousseau

    I stopped commuting by bike because we have inadequate infrastructure for protecting cyclists from extremely dangerous automobile drivers.

    I stopped commuting by bike because the road to the bridge is covered in potholes and cracks which could endanger my safety or kill me.

    I stopped commuting because the five point intersection is one of the most dangerous and confusing bike crossings I’ve ever seen.

    I stopped commuting because I don’t want to be required by a law that we share with no other major city in the United States, namely that it is my responsibility to put a foam and plastic hat on my head to give the illusion of safety and to de-humanize me to drivers.

    I stopped commuting because the trucks on E Marginal Way will kill me because they’re not paying attention.

    I stopped commuting because I want to use protected bike infrastructure but I only have it for a few blocks here and there and only when it’s convenient for the city to build and only when they don’t have to deal with too many neighbor complaints about losing parking spots.

    Seattle is one of the worst major cities in the United States for improving cyclist infrastructure. I don’t know why people think this is some kind of paradise or that somehow the city is spending too much of its time helping cyclists.

    “Neighborhood Greenways” are a complete and total, 100% joke in terms of improving cycling in Seattle. The best way to make it better to cycle in Seattle is to begin forcibly taking lanes of traffic away from cars without regard to their whining and complaining and to give those lanes exclusively to cyclists.

    • ltfd

      So, forcibly taking traffic lanes away from buses & delivery vehicles too? I guess you want people to listen to your whining and complaining?