California Way – Cars and Bikes Win

California Way - Cars and Bikes Win
Kudos to SDOT Pothole Rangers for response to request on California Way downhill lane. Pavement was sinking, cracked, holding water and potentially ice on route down to Seacrest. Al J sent request last week. Pothole Rangers started fixing yesterday.

Duwamish Trail – Cars win

SDOT, this is not what we had in mind for fixing the tree root disaster on the Duwamish Trail at north end of South Park. Roadway was just patched for vehicles so they can keep going 40-50 mph. Trail worse than ever. Unaware bike riders can be thrown into traffic here. We’ve been asking for ...

Disaster Relief Trials in West Seattle – Sep 25

Disaster Relief Trials in West Seattle - Sep 25
Morgan Scherer and Al Jackson began planning routes for the Disaster Relief Trials 2016. It will be on September 25, during Summer Parkways in West Seattle. Want to test ride some routes with us? Training games for cargo bikes, bikes with trailers, family bikes to deliver goods, messages, people after an earthquake or other disaster ...

West Seattle STP Ride – Sunday July 10

Have you ever wanted to do the Seattle to Portland bike ride? Or even wanted to do the 1-day STP? And never trained for it? Here is your big fat chance! Do it in 2 hours, and end up at a huge finish line party! One week before Cascade’s big STP, so perfect for training ...