record bike count today

A record number of people crossed the Spokane St Bridge by bike today.  More are finding  this is a good, reliable way to avoid Viadoom.
Previous high was 1,847, set on May 14, 2014.  Today, it was 2,525!

DSC02926With nice weather and Viaduct closure incentive, we should be able to set a monthly record for May!

Lots more people are riding bikes to get to other places in West Seattle, too. They just don’t cross this bridge.

The counter counts each one-way trip. That is the same way that vehicle traffic counts are done.  You can see average annual weekday counts on Seattle traffic flow maps here. The Spokane St Bridge average weekday traffic count was 10,300 in 2014.  2,000 bikes is about 20 percent of the number of car and truck crossings on the low bridge.  Not insignificant.
The high bridge count is about 10 times that. Each person on a bike is one less car or bus seat on the high bridge. It makes a difference for everyone on the road.


Count data is available from SDOT here, or by clicking the link in the upper right corner of our home page.