Viaduct closed? Come ride with us 1

IMG_0845“It was almost exactly 3 years ago that we first reported a Viaduct closure was possible when the tunneling machine went beneath it”

Three years went by so fast! Bertha went so slow. But this is just in time for Bike Month (May). So, if some more people are able to take bikes to downtown it will free up bus seats and help a bit with car traffic. West Seattle Bike Connections and West Seattle Cyclery will lead some guided rides. 30 to 40 minutes to downtown from most places in West Seattle, and the viaduct closure will not change that. We’ll announce ride times and places on our website and Facebook pages, and so will West Seattle Cyclery. Usually in May there are 1,000 to 1,200 daily bike crossings counted on the Spokane St Bridge. Maybe we can double that this year and make a difference.

If you are interested in leading or in taking a guided ride: where from? Best time for you?…/breaking-alaskan-way-viaducts…/

  • stephanie

    Very interested in participating in a guided ride from the Alaska junction or at the base of the lower bridge. I’ve been eager to start bike commuting but am a bit intimidated by the seemingly complex and traffic-heavy route to downtown (and beyond, for me). Sundays and Mondays are best for me, but I’ll try and make anytime work, ideally before my first ride into work on May 3rd. Thanks so much for offering this!