WSBC December 6 meeting at Talerico’s

Please join us to talk about using bikes to get around West Seattle, and celebrate our Ride in the Rain Challenge this month at Talerico’s Pizzeria. Open to all. 6:30 to 8:00 Tuesday, December 6 4718 California Ave SW in the Junction, near SW Alaska St. Our team of eight was #34 of 454 teams!  ...

Sat Nov 5 Luna Park – Work Party

Sat Nov 5 Luna Park - Work Party
Saturday, come out for a couple of hours to support our friends at Luna Park! They supported us for our successful Neighborhood Streets Fund grant for ped/bike crossing improvements here.

Neighborhood Steet Fund Grant – We got it!

For safety improvements at the intersections of SW Spokane/ Alki Trail/ Harbor Ave SW/ Avalon Way/ SW Manning. Ranked #1 in the city of the 12 projects awarded from the 40 proposals that made it through the District Council voting and SDOT vetting. Background here and SDOT evaluation here. Ranked high because the need is ...

Tues Nov 1 WSBC Monthly Meeting

Tues Nov 1 WSBC Monthly Meeting
You are invited to join this open meeting. 6:30 to 8:00 pm at HomeStreet Bank, 42nd Ave SW and SW Alaska Street Let’s work together to improve conditions and enjoy bike riding in West Seattle. Proposed greenway routes along the central spines of WS are on the agenda, along with World Day of Remembrance, Fauntleroy,… ...

Funding Fauntleroy Boulevard Project – Thank you!

Funding Fauntleroy Boulevard Project - Thank you!
Thank you, Councilmember Lisa Herbold for your work in funding the Fauntleroy Boulevard Project! And the S Lander Street Bridge, and stormwater and paving in South Park.  We appreciate your work for a balanced, equitable, forward-thinking transportation system in West Seattle, South Park and SODO.

Are bike lanes breaking the budget?

Are bike lanes breaking the budget?
Commenters in the various media blame “bike lanes” and Pronto bikeshare for high taxes and poor roads. How much of the City’s budget do we spend on bike transportation, compared to everything else? About 4% of the transportation budget, which is less than 9% of the total city budget. Building the bike transportation network is ...

Kids learn traffic safety skills in White Center

Kids learn traffic safety skills in White Center
Cascade Bicycle Club, the Yes! Foundation, the White Center CDA and King County joined together to convert little used tennis courts into a unique “bike playground”. Opened on Saturday. Lots of kids riding around in the rain, learning about watching for traffic, using lanes, signaling, merging, yielding, stopping, and having fun!  Take your young rider ...

S Lander Street Bridge – a Complete Street?

S Lander Street Bridge - a Complete Street?
Scenes from the site of the proposed S Lander Street Bridge during 10 minutes on a Monday mid-afternoon. This is West Seattle’s connection to ST Light Rail, Beacon Hill, and major employers like Seattle School District HQ, Starbucks HQ, USPS in SODO. Freight, yes, but also people on buses, on bikes, and on foot. At ...

Sunday 9/25 Bike Rodeo at Summer Parkways

Bring your young rider (~4 to 12 years old) and their bike to have fun and learn some riding skills! We’ll be on Alki Ave at 62nd across from Sunfish, 11 am to 4 pm. Lots of other activities too, and the street along the beach will be wide open (not “closed”) for walking, riding, ...

Spokane St Bridge Counts 2

Spokane St Bridge Counts
The bridge goes sideways, and so do the bike counts this year. Up just 1.8% year to date over last year. June and July were lower, after an amazing Viaduct-closure boost in May. August was up.  Pretty much the same pattern at the Fremont Bridge. If you or someone you know decided ride in May ...