Delridge-Highland Park Greenway – almost finished? 6

It was scheduled to be completed in 2015. Now SDOT says January 2016. Seems a bit optimistic from  ground level, and looks like some of it needs reworking to be safe and convenient to use, according to riders who use the route daily.    Here are some photos of a ride on Monday this week mid day, and one from a daily commute in the dark. Click any to enlarge.  But the best way to find out about it is to go walk or ride and decide for yourself. We invite you to give feedback here or to SDOT directly.

SDOT website for the project is here, including maps and drawings.






The good:  lots of new ADA curb ramps on 21st SW at north end. This at SW Genesee, the route to Pathfinder K-8 school, with intersection painted by the community. Speed humps, most old, some new, along this stretch.





The bad and the ugly:   The stretch on 21st Ave SW between 22nd Ave SW and Dumar,  It’s a busy arterial. Really scary with high speed traffic in the dark and wet and a tiny gravel shoulder east side, and rough gravel 4′ sidewalk on west.







The good: a flashing beacon convenient for pedestrians.   Not for bike riders.












Large Pothole on 21st Ave SW Southbound









The bad:  sidewalk only on one side, and only 4 feet wide.  Bike riders use this who want to avoid riding in the arterial traffic without bike lanes or shoulder.

The ugly:  no temporary safety measures during construction while the sidewalk is torn up,






Approaching SW Dumar.

Does this look “safe for all ages and abilities”?






The grand old speed hump and semi-permanent potholes and cones, at Stanislo Elementary School.






Nice new smooth asphalt on SW Myrtle from 21st to 17th. Except for a half block on north side.








Work has not started on the switchback ramp to link two cul-de-sacs on 17th SW





Crossing 16th SW on SW Webster to go from 17th to 15th, then 2 blocks to Kenyon, then back again to 17th!

Would you do this? Would you let your pre-teen use this route instead of crossing at the light at Holden?

No stop sign, no flashing beacon, no traffic signal = no greenway!







On 15th SW.  Work started at curb bulbs at SW Holden.













From 15th & Holden you can see the light at 16th.  Will car drivers stop for people on foot or on bikes or in wheelchairs at 15th?


SDOT ignored WSBC and other community input on route choice, especially regarding the zig zag from 17th on Webster to  15th and then two blocks south crossing Holden on 15th to Kenyon, and two blocks west back to 17th.  Who in their right mind will go 4 blocks out of the way, crossing busy arterials three times without stoplights or even flashing beacons, to avoid crossing at a light at Holden? Prediction: the lumpy narrow sidewalk on 16th will be the route of choice. Should be changed.






Crossing 16th SW again at Kenyon.  Signs and curb ramps. No stop sign or traffic signal, no flashing beacon.






Green stormwater work started by SPU on 17th.






Crossings at the south end of the route between Holden and Roxbury at busy streets are likewise unprotected.

At this point, no curb ramps, no re-aligned stop signs, no traffic calming, no signs.








South end of the route, just short of Roxbury and White Center. No work evident at this end yet.