35th Ave SW Safety Corridor – Except for People on Bikes

35th Ave SW Safety Corridor meeting tonight – good to be there with West Seattle Bike Connections members Theresa Beaulieu, Kathy Dunn, Bill Gobie, Keith Newham, Don Brubeck.

We support the safety improvements planned for 35th, but only if it satisfies Seattle’s “complete streets” policy and ordinance, requiring accomodation for all modes of transportation. We’ve been pushing for this project since 2012, working with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Highpoint neighbors, SDOT, and most recently lobbying with Cascade Bicycle Club to support the project.

35th Ave SW is identified in the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan as a city-wide network route for protected bike lanes on 35th, with parallel greenway routes on 34th SW and on 35th/36th SW.  The 35th Ave SW Safety Corridor Project now says there will be a “study” of parallel greenways in 2016, a year after actually doing the work on 35th from SW Roxbury to SW Willow. No comittment to actually implementing the greenway. No comittment to even “study” the 36th/37th greenway that could get you north of Graham to WS Junction and points north and west.  Not good enough!  The work on 35th should not proceed without the parallel greenways!

We expect real action, not studies, not lip service.

So far, how many miles of the citywide (“highest priority for investment”)  network included in the bicycle master plan have been designed or built in West Seattle?

a. 10 miles

b. 1 mile

c. 0.1 mile

d. 100 yards

e. none.

If you answered “e. none”, you are correct!