Bicycle Master Plan 5-year work plan update 1

SDOT has updated the 5- year implementation plan for the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan, as required each March. What did West Seattle get?

We got the cover shot!  Kathy Dunn in the lead and anther member on the prettiest pink bike in the city, riding at the opening of the South Park improvements on S Portland Street in South Park.
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.19.17 PM
What about for the next 5 years?  A valuable Greenway parallel to part of 35th Ave SW linking schools, libraries, playgrounds and community centers. Protected bike lanes at the top of SW Admiral Way at the bridge over the Fairmont ravine.  But that’s about it.

Missing in inaction is most of the network we worked so hard in 2012-3 to get on the map  including links to several elementary schools, both middle schools, both high schools, and routes to serve the fastest growing urban village in the city at WS Junction and Triangle. Missing safe routes to Lincoln Park and the Faunteroy Ferry Terminal. Missing the Fauntleroy Boulevard Project and greenways parallel to California Ave between the Morgan, Alaska and Admiral Junctions to link home to schools, parks, shopping and nice commute routes.

We don’t want to take away from other areas. It’s great to see what is proposed for the Rainier Valley, Lake City, the Central Area and other places in need.  What we need is more funding faster. We need the Move Seattle Levy, if it can be crafted to build the bike transportation network in West Seattle and SODO in much more substantial form in this decade.