March 3 meeting – quick recap

That was a great meeting! Full house. Kathy will do minutes. Highlights here:

  • We set a 9:15 am meeting time to ride to South Park trail celebration this Saturday, leaving from under the WS Bridge where the trails meet;
  • Gordon Padelford from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways helped us prepare for 35th Ave Safety Corridor meetings and we discussed the new Vision Zero initiative;
  • Kathy Dunn gave a progress report on contacting owners about vegetation trimming on Spokane east of Harbor;
  • David Whiting will draft a letter to Cascade about advocacy;
  • Theresa Beaulieu, Al Jackson and Kathy Dunn volunteered to take shifts counting bike/ped traffic for a study Mike Hendrix is doing for the Delridge/Highland Park Greenway;
  • Don Brubeck will see if we need to back up Simon’s request to SDOT to restore lighting on bike path on Spokane near East Marginal, and Jodi Connolly and Keith Newnham’s request to repaint the bike box at Andover and Delridge;
  • Theresa will represent us at Delridge District Council for NPSF grants;
  • Mike volunteered for 2016 grant for SW Yancy & Avalon SW;
  • Don will go to the next Bridging the Gap Levy outreach meetings;
  • and last but certainly not least: Anna Hendricks volunteered to be our volunteer coordinator to receive, welcome and match up volunteers with projects and events.