Bikes + Trucks + Trains – West Seattle to Downtown 1

IMG_2253Alon Bassok teaches in UW Civil Engineering’s Masters of Sustainable Transportation program. His class chose to look at commuting by bike from West Seattle to downtown through the Port area.  Coincidentally,  Alon lives in West Seattle and rides a bike, in addition to being extremely knowledgeable about freight mobility, so he could give them some guidance and lead them to resources.  One project stands out for its analysis, graphics, and ideas.  Brian Wood and Bon Provenzano joined us at a recent WSBC meeting to share and discuss their work. Brian came in from Whidbey Island, mostly by bike, and Bon joined via Skype from the north of England.  Take a look!

CEE 563 A – Brian Wood and Bon Provenzano – Modal Conflicts – Partial – Final

  • Don Brubeck

    the Freight Advisory Board meeting today, Sara Zora from SDOT said that
    design study of the East Marginal Way multi-modal corridor will begin
    in 1st quarter of 2015. It’s a start!