Fauntleroy Blvd Project – please contact Council now

Council Member Rasmussen is proposing to add construction funding to next year’s budget for the Fauntleroy Boulevard project. It includes key bike and road safety improvements, and is funded through design but not for construction. Will you help by emailing City Council memDSC03671bers to boost support? Needed by end of day Wednesday.



Sally Bagshaw

Mike O’Brien

Sally Clark

Ask support for:
Budget Action Title: Add $13 million for construction of the Fauntleroy Way SW Improvement CIP project, amend C.B. 118238 (LTGO Bond Ordinance),

Talking points, (or even better, say what it means to you personally):
It is a major arterial with transit and truck through a developing urban center with lots of apartments and little parking.
Bike and pedestrian improvements will make it more possible for people to live without driving so much, and will let West Seattle absorb growth without this becoming a choke point.
It will make it a safe and welcoming entry to West Seattle from the freeway.
It has been in the neighborhood plan for over 15 years, and it’s in the Bicycle Master Plan.
A lot has been invested in design. Now it’s time to implement and make good on that investment.

Background (and you don’t need all this in your message):

Fauntleroy Way serves many purposes; it is a key entrance to West Seattle, a designated freight and bicycle route, and is home to numerous retail businesses and new residential developments. However, this portion of Fauntleroy Way has poorly defined sidewalks, significant distances between marked pedestrian crossings, no dedicated space for bike riders, and minimal landscaping.

The Fauntleroy Way SW Improvement Project builds upon previous planning work done by the community. Discussions of improvements to Fauntleroy Way began in 1999, when the West Seattle Junction Hub Neighborhood Plan identified streetscape improvements in this area, and continued through the multi-year West Seattle Triangle planning process. The streetscape plan was formally adopted by SDOT and the Seattle Department of Planning and Development in 2012. In addition, the 2014 Bike Master Plan designated Fauntleroy Way SW for a protected bike lane.

Through several extensive community processes, the residents and business owners in the area have expressed the need for improvements to make this stretch of Fauntleroy Way SW safer for pedestrians and bikes, and highlight its role as a main entrance to West Seattle.

The project design includes a raised median, 6-foot wide sidewalks, protected bike lanes, street lighting and other safety improvements between 35th Ave SW and SW Alaska St. Last year, Council added $1.3M to continue design work on this project in the 2014 Adopted Budget, and the project is now at 60% design.

The 2015 Proposed Budget includes $500,000 to complete 100% design on the project by 2Q 2015, but it does not include construction funding. The current construction cost estimate for the project is approximately $13M, based on the 60% design. The beginning of construction by 2015 would be 16 years after the adoption of the Neighborhood Plan first identifying the need for improvements in this area.