Chelan 5-Way Intersection – Waiting for Green

It’s not a wonderful place to be walking or riding a bike, even when the east bound push button is working. It’s hazardous going westbound with a narrow, twisty turn around a pillar to the crosswalk on a blind curve at the Delridge ramp.  Lately, the ped crossing push button on the island has not been working right.  Bike riders give up after a full sequence of lights misses them once or twice, and just go for it, playing Russian Roulette if traffic is heavy, and annoying drivers.  Eric Shalit filmed Don Brubeck illustrating the point.

If it’s been a problem for you, please join us in reporting it to SDOT.  Long range, this intersection should have a completely new solution for bike and walking traffic, to connect the Alki Trail to the West Duwamish and West Seattle Bridge trials in a smooth, safe way for riders of any ability, including families with kids. This is a critical West Seattle bike connection.