PARK(ing) Day – fun and games

PARK(ing) Day at the West Seattle Junction – fun and games and bike blender smoothies with fresh fruit and Husky Deli ice cream!

PARK(ing) Day happens once a year, on the thiDSC04598rd Friday in September, and is an opportunity for any Seattleite to temporarily turn parking spaces into public places. The event raises awareness about the importance of a walkable, livable, healthy city and helps people re-think how our streets can be used. Ours was one of two parklets in West Seattle, and 50 city-wide.

Thanks to Jeff Hallman for the bike blender cargo bike, Mike Oxman for all the trees and plants, Huky Deli and Mashiko’s for going along with this, Kathy Dunn for planning, permitting, hauling and staffing, and Lynn Shimamoto and Don Brubeck for hauling and staffing.  DSC04614 DSC04580 DSC04582DSC04588 DSC04564 DSC04556 DSC04549 And thanks to all who ventured into the little parklet to talk, play, sit or to have a smoothie.