Tues 8/26 White Center Bike Corral Public Meeting – Again

10645269_10152715191509078_1761274735638513553_nTuesday, August 26 at 6:30 PM

at the Sherrif’s storefront, 9609 16th Ave SW, White Center across from Caffe Delia and Proletariat Pizza

Second public meeting about the proposed bike corral in front of Proletariat Pizza and Caffe Delia Coffee on 16th Ave SW

Caffe Delia and Proletariat Pizza want to swap 2 car parking places for 12 bike parking places in front of their businesses. Good for them and all of the WC business district.  Support is needed at this meeting! Please come if you can!  Some businesses are opposed, not realizing that people arriving on bikes are customers just like people arriving by car, bus or on foot. This does NOT take away customer parking!  It ADDS customer parking.  Additionally, some of the car parking is not really customer parking, because there is no parking fee or enforcement of any time limit. Caffe Delia, Proletariat Pizza and Theresa Beaulieu have obtained a grant to pay most of the cost of the bike racks. Just need to convince King Co and the CDA that this is needed and has community support.

We have been through all this before!  Help us bring this ill-defined process to resolution!