2014 West Seattle STP ride!

9:45 am Sunday, July 13 meet at Hamilton Viewpoint Park and ride from Seattle to Portland in 2 hours instead of two days! (SW Seattle Street in the North Admiral neighborhood to SW Portland Street in Fauntlee Hills) then back to West Seattle Summerfest at the California Junction.  Final details are in our Calendar listing.


1. Didn’t make the 14,000 rider cutoff for Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle to Portland ride.
2. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to ride a bike 200 miles in one or two days.
3. Have never left the peninsula and see no reason to start now. “We have everything in West Seattle”.
4. Don’t really know anyone in Portland.
5. Portland think they all that, but they ain’t.IMG_9031 IMG_9059
6. Like to sleep in own bed instead of on a baseball field in Chehalis.

7. It’s free.

8. Would’ve gone last year but already paid the big-STP registration fee so had to do it.