Stuck Bridge – Unstuck 1

Spokane Street Bridge is fixed now. Was stuck this afternoon not quite closed after a ship traffic opening from ~ 5 pm to ~ 7. Some riders called for bail out rides. Others rode to 1st Ave Bridge. Others rode back downtown (toward work! ) and took the King County Water Taxi. Thank you to the crew for loading so many bikes!!!
I guess we can stop gloating now for escaping last week’s carmaggedon on our bikes, and just be thankful we have the bridge back.
Got any good adventure stories?  DSC02634
  • Kathy Dunn

    This is reminiscent of February 2001 when I was trying to ride home from work the day of the Nisqually earthquake, the swing bridge was damaged and couldn’t quite close. It was a few hours before I could get to Alki Elementary to find my daughter sitting in the field wrapped in a space blanket waiting patiently to be picked up. I hope they figure out what’s causing the problem and prevent future occurrences.