Bike Rodeo – in the Sunshine!

We had a fun bike rodeo today at Alki Summer Streets – the rain held off and the kids kept coming!  Along with some SPD officers on bikes and Segways, and adult on a crutch scooter. Lots of West Seattleites out playing in the street using all kinds of locomotion without gas motors. Everything from dogs pulling skateboards to big long cargo bike to tall bikes and bare feet.

Thanks to Jay, Theresa, Bob Wi., Madi, Al J, Kathy, Don for a successful car-free event, including hauling to/from, and to all the parents and kids!


Super hero rider makes it through the course with flying colors!


SPD Parking Officer doing tight tight turns with extreme focus and concentration, showing how it’s done

and, getting his Certificate of Achievement!



Al J adjusted every one’s helmet to really fit before riding this challenging and dangerous course, and gave the parents tips


Visitors from afar! Davey Oil and family riding from Capitol Hill on the way to Vashon Island, getting some well deserved attention for that new electric assist cargo bike from Davey’s own G & O Family Cyclery in Greenwood.


Madi helped kids decorate their bikes for the Alki Beach Creeps’ bike parade, and created our rodeo poster


One of our best costumed riders



Later on, at Skid Row, a tall bike starting a run in the skid contest.  Some amazing rain-assisted skids!


Don and Jay ask, how geeky can you get?  But we did not have to find a car parking space at the beach!