Traffic at a Standstill

It was a car and bus parking lot this morning on the high bridge due to a minor collision. Bikes and trucks had to wait for the Alaska Marine Lines train barge to go through, but that was just 5 minutes enjoying the beautiful morning and a little socializing and phone checking. 1,752 bikes counted yesterday, 2nd highest ever. Can we break 2,000 for Bike to Work Day?

DSC01676WS Blog reports lots of hand wringing over the bridge traffic jams at West Seattle Transportation Coalition’s meeting last night. Can we convince enough people that there is a viable alternative that does not cost hundreds of millions of dollars for one new overpass, or billions for new light rail transit?  If 3,000 of us commuted by bike over the low bridge instead of in vehicles over the high bridge, traffic would flow easier, our taxes would be lower, the air would be less polluted, and we would be healthier and happier.