No bus? Ride with us!

Until the Washington State legislature, King County or Seattle government figure out what to do to provide the bus service we need, some of us can ride bikes to get places and free up seats on the buses that are still running, and free up space on the roads for those who must drive. Bicycle transportation increases roadway bandwidth without increasing roadway width. Kind of like energy conservation by increasing efficiency — getting more out of the existing capacity.

We are here to help that happen, and to make it safe, attractive and convenient for as many people as possible.DSC01296 Here’s a great north-south route in West Seattle: 21st Ave SW on Puget Ridge and Pigeon Point, connecting us to White Center at the south via Myrtle/16th, and connecting to West Duwamish Trail, Alki Trail and the low level bridge to SODO and downtown at the north, via Andover/22nd. No traffic jams, low traffic, peaceful and easy grades. Croft Place here connects to the 26th Ave SW Greenway.