Bikenomics – How Bicycling Can Save the Economy

Who’s street is it?  Are bike riders just freeloaders on roads paid for by car drivers?  What about parking? Are bike riders either elitists or DUIclists?

snv33567_lgSome of us are buying and passing around Elly Blue’s new book — preaching to the choir, but she has good stories and lots of good data to back it up. Talking points for bike advocates, based on values of community, social justice, public health, economics, and fun. Kathy read it on the bus coming back from meeting the author in Tacoma. I read it on a five hour plane ride. Elly inscribed it, “Dedicated to the good work and great energy of West Seattle Bike Connections. Keep on pedaling, we are winning!”  Recommended!  e-book or paperback from Microcosm Publishing