Riding in the Rain 1

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We’ve been riding in the rain!
In the city.. and in the country.  You can haul your own ark if you are worried about flooding.

Lots of ways to do it comfortably and arrive dry in our mild, moist, maritime climate. Cascade posted some good tips a while back. What are your tips?

Some of ours:

For safety: lights and light colors in daytime, more lights and reflectivity at night.

For comfort riding around town: Venting rain gear, WP mitts if it’s cold, no gloves if it’s warm; consider a rain cape if a jacket is too sweaty, or if it’s warm just wear quick-drying clothes. Waterproof work boots or dress boots or sandals can be easier than bike-specific shoes and booties. Finding the rain gear that works for you allows riding in normal clothes without the need to change when you get where you are going, if you adjust your layers, venting and pace to avoid overheating.

For less maintenance: Consider wider, sturdier tires to take water-filled potholes; disk or drum brakes; long fenders; single speed or internal gears.