Funding for Safe Intersections

We  have applied for two Neighborhood Parks & Streets Fund Grants grants and assisted other groups with two more — if you know people on the Southwest or the Delridge District Councils, please give these a plug. For small projects by SDOT and Parks.

11th Ave SW & SW Holden St:  Holden is a high speed arterial. We are requesting a flashing beacon sign at crosswalk, so kids and slower adults can safely cross. It’s on a planned Greenway route. Submitted by Highland Park Action Committee with support from us and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways — it’s on SNG’s top 10 list city-wide!

California Ave SW & SW Juneau St:  requesting a marked cross walk with flashing beacon sign, and maybe curb bulbs, to connect future Greenways that will run parallel to California. This is a relatively flat spot to get to businesses, schools, and parks. Submitted by us, with support from Morgan Community Association and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. It’s the other SNG top 10 Greenway intersection in West Seattle.

Alki Trail / Harbor Ave SW at SW Spokane St: Requesting trail markings to reduce bike/pedestrian conflicts at the corner and at Kitty Harbor and Cycle U.  Submitted by us, with support from Admiral Neighborhood Association, Alki Community Council, and businesses.

Delridge Ave SW mid-block crossing at Boren School:  Requesting crossing improvements so kids and parents can get from parking lot, bike and walking routes to school.  Submitted by WSBC member and parent Craig Rankin with support from PTSA, Highland Park Action Committee, us, and others.