Changes at S Atlantic St / Alaskan Way / East Marginal

We and others gave WSDOT some feedback on bike crossings and new detours at the newly opened Atlantic Street flyover crossing.  The viaduct replacement project has responded, as you have seen this week if you take that route to downtown. Kudos to all who spoke up! Here’s their message and an invitation for more communication this Thursday at Milepost 31, from 6:00 t0 6:30 PM.  211 First Ave S in Pioneer Square.

Hello Don,

Thank you for providing us with further feedback about the shared-use path at the intersection of South Atlantic Street and Alaskan Way South.  WSDOT and SDOT have been coordinating closely since the new South Atlantic Street overpass opened, and I want to respond to your questions and give you an update to some changes we’ve made after receiving feedback from you and others in the bicycle community.

We’ve changed the way the signals operate at this intersection so that it will no longer be necessary for bicyclists to push the pedestrian button to trigger the pedestrian walk signal to change. The walk signal will turn over automatically with each rotation of the signal cycle.

Due to limited sight distance and physical constraints, it is not possible to widen the path at the northwest corner of this intersection. Bicyclists should use caution when approaching this intersection. As a reminder, the width and curve of the path at this location will change when the permanent path opens.

Currently, bicycles approaching the intersection in the northbound bike lane do in fact trigger the signal sensors in the same way that vehicles do, using video detection which senses forward motion in the bike lane. This will continue to be the case when the permanent path opens.

We are committed to providing timely and helpful information to the bicycle community. On Thursday, Feb. 6, WSDOT and SDOT staff will be on-hand at Milepost 31 to answer questions and comments about the shared-use path. We have posted signs on this path to inform commuters of the event, and let them know how to contact us directly. We hope that you can join us, and would appreciate your help in spreading the word about this opportunity.

Prior to the new path opening in March 2014, we will notify bicycle stakeholder groups in the area and submit a post to the Seattle Bike Blog. We will be on-site during the peak commute times with information about the changing configuration. If you have any other suggestions about ways to reach out to the bicycle community, please let me know.

For the most up-to-date information on the viaduct program, visit


Genevieve Stokes
Communications Officer
Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program