Memorial Walk for James St Clair

James R Sinclair, 69, was killed by a car while crossing 35th Ave SW at SW Graham Street, walking home from the groceery store at 9:30 at night.  Same place Susan Scaringi was killed in 2006 while riding her bike.

We walked together with Mr St Clair’s neice, friends, fellow Tlingit Gene Tagaban, who came up from Tacoma, and concerned neighbors in the High Point area and from Arbor Heights to Alki. An eagle flew over as Mr Sinclair’s fellow Raven clan member sang a Tlingit paddle song and reminded us to bring the light to this place.

At HP Neighborhood House, we talked together about improving safety on 35th (“I-35”) with Council Member Tom Rasmussen, Mayor Murray’s transportation advisor Andrew Glass Hastings, Jim Curtin from SDOT, presidents of Delridge, Morgan Junction and High Point community associations, Cathy Tuttle and Gordon Padelford from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways , Seattle Women in Action, and Greenways group representatives from as far as Lake City. Lots more on West Seattle BlogDSC00064