Jan 7 meeting notes

from West Seattle Bike Connections monthly meeting:
and we need volunteers to make these things happen, so if you see something interesting, don’t be shy!
1.    Visibility at Night event – Jeff Hallman will pick date when weather forecast looks good.  Location: Jack Block Park. Port of Seattle Public Information and police are cooperative. Jeff will do videos of people with various gear.

2.    Winter Ride. In planning stage, weather dependent. Tweed ride to Junction? Longer WS loop?

3.    Bike corrals:
Aili LePard is working with supportive Junction businesses and SDOT’s new person in charge.
Theresa is submitting a grant application on Friday to purchase a bike corral to be installed in front of Proletariat Pizza in White Center.

4.    Bike to Work Day station hosting Friday, May 16. Bob Winship will lead again.

5.    South Park route. Bob Winship reported on Transportation Committee meeting, and Don Brubeck on visit and tour with M.C. Halvorsen. Bob will continue to work with SP, EOS/TAG and SDOT.

6.    Greenways:
Greenways mapping volunteer needed to assist Seattle Neighborhood Greenways with their Google Map project, This is not to start a new route selection process – just to document what is in the Bike Master Plan Update in a format usable by SNG to add specific information about desirable features or conditions, in simple format.

Bike counter installed on 26th Ave Greenway.

Is it time to encourage formation of some new greenway groups for new routes, e.g. Arbor Heights and Admiral-to-Alaska Junction?

7.    Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund projects grant cycle coming up.  2/4/14 deadline for NSF grants http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/npsf/default.htm . Will explore the Spokane/Harbor Ave Alki Trail/Kitty Harbor corner,  or West Duwamish Trail spot improvements? Or bike corral at park near the Alaska Junction? Community Association support is needed, to get District Council support.

8.    City Council to vote on Bike Master Plan Update. Messages of support needed.

9.    Terminal 18/Fishing bridge planters:  Don will reach out to SDOT contacts to see if there is a planting plan for the empty planters that we could help implement.

10.    West Seattle Bike Festival: in August, exact date to be determined. Brad Loetel at West Seattle Cyclery is taking the lead. Junction business association on board. Sanctioned crit race, big loop ride, family ride. We would organize a family ride, helmet fitting and pre-ride bike safety checks.

11.    Schools report from Theresa Beaulieu:
•    Denny bike to school event January 17th ride your bike for treats and winter riding gear also wear Seahawks swag for an extra prize!
•    Denny-Lincoln classic will happen again in May.
•    Working on funding ideas to raise money to purchase bikes for a Major Taylor afterschool program.

12.    East Marginal Way:  Flashing beacon crosswalk at Horton is in place.

13.    WS Bridge bike counter: New pavement sensor seems to have fixed it. Go get counted!

Thanks to Bob Winship for hosting and feeding us!

Don Brubeck