Ancient Fish Weir Technology Adapted to Bike Path Design 1

Ancient Fish Weir Technology Adapted to Bike Path Design
   WSDOT and Contractor  Skanska are learning from the Duwamish and Suquamish How long will this new bike trap last? Until the last cyclist is caught? Five foot wide blind corner with fence post blocks in the curve, for two-way bike and pedestrian traffic ? What is wrong with these pictures?

Bikes for Kids!

Bikes for Kids!
Would you like to encourage kids at Denny Middle School to join and ride in their Major Taylor Club? They need some bikes to ride! West Seattle Bike Connections’ Theresa Beaulieu has a gofundme campaign started, to buy 12 to 15 new mountain bikes to get kids riding who cannot afford bikes, as her latest ...

WSBC meeting – Feb 4

Tuesday 6:30 to 8:00 PM   You are invited! We need you! Agenda will include progress reports, planning projects and events and sharing news and ideas. February meeting is in the common room of the Altamira Apartments,  4540 42nd Ave SW. See Events for details. Thank you Jay Guettler for hosting this month.

Re-routes at S Atlantic St / Alaskan Way this weekend

Completion of the flyover lanes affects bicyclists this weekend from Genevieve Stokes, Communications Officer, Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program To complete the connections between the new South Atlantic Street overpass and nearby streets, crews must close South Atlantic Street and the State Route 99 off-ramp to Atlantic this weekend. Both closures will start at 4 ...

Visibility at Night Tests 9

Visibility at Night Tests
Have you ever wondered what you look like at night while riding a bike?  A few of us have, and we decided to record ourselves from the perspective of sitting in the driver’s seat of a car. There has been debate about bike lighting, more specifically how effective it is to have high-powered lights and ...

Memorial Walk for James St Clair

Memorial Walk for James St Clair
James R Sinclair, 69, was killed by a car while crossing 35th Ave SW at SW Graham Street, walking home from the groceery store at 9:30 at night.  Same place Susan Scaringi was killed in 2006 while riding her bike. We walked together with Mr St Clair’s neice, friends, fellow Tlingit Gene Tagaban, who came ...


This evening some of us meet at Jack Block Park to be video-taped by Jeff Hallman through a car windshield, to see how we bike riders appear to car drivers and others at night.  Video coming after Jeff has some time to edit. It was an opportunity to see first-hand from another point of view ...

Jan 7 meeting notes

from West Seattle Bike Connections monthly meeting: and we need volunteers to make these things happen, so if you see something interesting, don’t be shy! 1.    Visibility at Night event – Jeff Hallman will pick date when weather forecast looks good.  Location: Jack Block Park. Port of Seattle Public Information and police are cooperative. Jeff ...

WSBC meeting – Jan 7

WSBC monthly meeting is Tuesday, January 7 at Bob Winship’s house, 3438 36th Ave SW between Manning and Hinds Reports and planning for events and projects. All are welcome! Bob says, “If (brave, layered soul) you’re cycling uphill from the south or east, it’s best to cross Fauntleroy at Avalon/36th and continue up 36th”

Loving Nature, Music, and Biking – Together

Loving Nature, Music, and  Biking – Together
Here is a story from Full Life Care and their ElderFriends program that might stretch our vision of what it means to make our streets work for people of all ages and abilities…         “We’re both free spirits,” says Jodee Thelen, a long-time ElderFriends volunteer. “We communicate with nature and music and ...