South Park Connections

Art Brochet from SDOT briefed the South Park Transportation Committee on developments related to extension of the West Duwamish Trail through the industrial area of South Park at a meeting last Tuesday, 9/17. These street improvements are big deal for this vibrant, but under-served community. They fill in some key gaps we have recommended for the Bike Master Plan.

The West Duwamish trail extension will start at Holden, run southeast along the WA99 right of way, then east on Portland to 8th, with two added blocks south on 8th. Bike lanes along Portland will be separated from traffic by trees and lighting. Portland Ave is a gravel street at the moment, with truck traffic serving industrial businesses, and will be paved. The project is now proposed to extend an additional two blocks south from Portland to Kenyon on 8th, as requested by WSBC in our Bike Master Plan Update comments, with the bike lane on that stretch separated from traffic lanes by parking – a real state-of-the-art bike route! Because the path will be crossed by several entrances to industrial sites, with trucks and forklifts moving across the trail, Art would appreciate our help in designing signage to warn cyclists.

Design for the bike trail part of the project is at nearly 90%, but the road and drainage parts of the project are a bit farther behind. Still, Art expects the project to go to bid in November and construction to begin in May. He shared a draft project planning notice that should be finalized and available to us and others soon. More importantly, he plans to hold an open house on the project to solicit community reaction on November 12th from 5 to 7 pm (date and time to be confirmed), just before a meeting of the South Park Neighborhood Association. At least one business rep is opposed to the trail,  so our support at the meeting would be welcome.

Center map

This report is from Bob Winship, West Seattle Bike Connections.  At the invitation of Dagmar Cronn, President of the South Park Neighborhood Association, Bob and others from WSBC began participating with the South Park neighborhood in working for safe bike routes to places people in South Park want to ride to, including parks, the community center and library, the Duwamish Trail, and West Seattle, where many South Park kids go to middle and high school. If you live or work in South Park and want to participate, please do! Let us know, or contact the SPNA.