SODO Arena EIS – this affects bike connections from West Seattle

Arena Draft EIS came out to no fanfare in August. The proponents’ preferred SODO scheme vacates public streets, and impacts our bike routes from West Seattle to downtown and Beacon Hill, to say nothing of freight traffic and shipping, bus routes and car traffic.  Comments due by September 30.

At first glance, it is predictably and sadly lacking in evaluation of the traffic impact for pedestrians, bikes, cars, trucks, buses, and trains. They  have no b-ball team right now, so this will be easy for the proponents to slip by the citizens of Seattle unless we read it critically and comment or appeal it. If you are interested in a group response, please comment here or send a message. Land use and environmental attorneys wanted!  We need serious analysis and mitigation proposals.

First public hearing is already past.

Second and final one:  September 19 at 6:00 p.m. Fidalgo Room Seattle Center