Another Collision – Let’s Stop This 9

Once again, flashing red lights on East Marginal Way. Medic 1, Rescue 1, Ladder 7 and a bike rider on a backboard. This time, bike-on-bike collision. Second one within weeks. Thank you Scott Johnston for this report on

This was not an “accident”. This was negligence. The one who caused it walked away. The one who was riding correctly in his lane got a trip to Harborview. I hope the injured rider [edited] receives full restitution from the rider who caused the injury, and that the one who caused it is charged with negligent driving and penalized under the new Vulnerable Users law if the injured rider’s injuries are substantial.[end edit]

We need to get to work safely. We need to get home safely. Commuting to work is not a damn race. No one cares how many riders you pass or if you get downtown 2 minutes faster. If you want to race, sign up for a race and stop pretending. Riding to work or home relaxed and alert has all kinds of benefits.

How about trying some of this?

Stay alert.
Be aware of what is in front and beside and behind you. Watch your line. Keep your hands near your brakes.

Ride in a predictable manner.

Share the road.

Leave space between you and others, so you can see what is ahead.

Don’t pass unless you can see well ahead that the way is clear.

Call out your passes before you pass, or ring a bell. When it is crowded or you can’t see ahead, SLOW DOWN and communicate.