All Ages and Abilities

IMG_9167Sabrina led the “Kidical Mass” group in the West Seattle Grand Parade last Saturday. Sabrina has MS, which prevents her from driving. But she can get around independently on her trike on streets that are safe enough for her to ride.

Transportation planners are now using the mantras, “all ages and abilities”, and “8 to 80”, to talk about streets designed to be safe for a much wider cross section of the community than those who are licensed, able, and can afford to drive car wherever they want to go, or are confident riding in traffic on any street.

The Kidical Mass riders demonstrate what that could mean. 8 year-olds riding. Older adults. New riders and experienced cyclists and whole families going places by bike. And Sabrina leading the way on her trike. Can you imagine how much wider her world would be if our streets were really designed for “all…abilities”?