September 6 Trucks & Bikes Safety Fair

Bike riders are invited by Port of Seattle Seaport to Terminal 25, 3225 East Marginal Way S near S Spokane St. for a safety training event, with co-sponsors West Seattle Bike Connections, SDOT, WSDOT, Cascade Bicycle Club, BNSF, Ballard Oil and others. Featuring:
– Bike-truck blind spot simulations
– Truck ride-alongs
– Helpful safety information
– Free continental breakfast!

Gain an understanding of what freight haulers can see and how their vehicles move, turn and stop. Give truck drivers an understanding of how people on bikes see and use the road. Thank truckers in person for their safe and attentive driving!

The goals:
Safe, predictable driving and riding, with respect and understanding.
Efficient freight mobility for the industries and international trade that supports our economy.
Efficient, safe transportation by bike from West Seattle to and through the seaport, manufacturing and industrial areas.

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