West Seattle Bicycle Counter Installed 2

UPDATE 6/24/13:  Cascade Bicycle Club has notified us that the the counter was indeed having some counting problems.  They are working on the fix and the bike counter celebration has been re-scheduled to Monday, July 1 from 4 – 6 pm.

West Seattle’s Bike Counter, the second bike counter in the city (the other is at the Fremont Bridge), was unveiled on June 20th.

Photo courtesy of SDOT

Photo courtesy of SDOT

Date change: A celebration of the installation will be hosted by the Cascade Bicycle Club Monday, July 1 from  4:00 – 6:00 pm.  Members of the Seattle Department of Transportation and West Seattle Bicycle Connections will also be attending.  Stop by and say “hi!” And be counted.

Funded by Cascade Bicycle Club and the Mark and Susan Torrance Foundation, the counter will provide valuable, regular, up to date bicycle counts for the West Seattle area.

Some  have noticed that there seems to be a quirk in the counting operation; it takes a few moments for a cyclist to be counted, so one can’t see the number “click over” as one rides by, and it seems to jump a few numbers at a time. Fix is in the works.


  • Kathy Dunn

    On the SDOT bike counter website all the data for the Spokane St counter is cleared out today except for Wednesday 26 June which shows a count of 728. That seems like a more realistic number than what was shown previously. Maybe the bugs have been worked out now.

  • Rode over the counter last week on Thursday (6/27) and Friday (6/28) and the counter appeared to work normally. Both days were pretty consistent in counting just over 600 (for each day) by the time I crossed after 5pm. Can’t wait when we hit 1,000+ every day consistently! 😉