Bike Master Plan – Test Questions

Test questions revealed in advance of SDOT’s June open houses!

REPORT CARD     June 2013 Seattle Draft Bicycle Master Plan Update for SW Sector           

This is what we asked SDOT to add to the first draft of the plan update, in December 2012.

(this is not everything in the draft plan — only what we thought was missing last fall.)

How does the June 2013 draft respond? Attend an open house, then let us know!


# Description Notes Grade
1 East Marginal Way S / Alaskan Way S from S Spokane Street to S Atlantic St:  separated cycletrack or off street path     
2 SW Avalon/ Fauntleroy Ave SW, 35th, 36th & 37th Ave SW: intersection and bike lane or cycle track improvements, and add route on 36th Ave SW from SW Avalon to SW Alaska     
3 Connection on East Marginal Way S. from S Spokane Street to Diagonal Way S, Off road path or cycletrack needed on west side of East Marginal Way S.     
4 Fauntleroy to SW Morgan St. via 38th Ave SW: Enhanced street.     
5 Fauntleroy, from SW Alaska to California Ave SW “in-street, major separation”. At least bike lanes both directions of travel.     
6 Greenway route to east of California Ave SW from SW Holgate to Ferry Ave SW via 40th, Walnut SW, 41st SW or 42nd SW.     
7 North Delridge Greenways: add E-W connection at south end of Greenway on 26th Ave SW.  Bike ramp or runnel at steps.     
8 “Brandon Green Super Highway” three new bike/pedestrian staircases or paths along currently unimproved sections of the SW Brandon St. right-of-way: between 16th & 17th SW, between 21st & 23rd SW, and between 30th & 34th SW     
9 SW Portland St:  Extend the Greenway to the East to reach 9th Ave SW (top of SW Highland Park Way)     
10 SW Trenton from 9th Ave SW to 35th Ave SW:  bike lanes or Greenway.     
11 24th Ave SW from SW Cloverdale to SW Thistle: Greenway.     
12 Highland Park Greenway and Westcrest Park trail, and connections into campus of South Seattle Community College, with further Greenway/Trail route to north.     
13 West Marginal Way SW, south of SW Michigan to 2nd Ave SW: Major separation or cycle track.     
14 S Horton Street in SODO from East Marginal Way S to 4th Ave S. – minor in street separation or enhanced street with safe crossing at East Marginal Way S     
15 SW Andover from Delridge SW to 22nd Ave SW: connect 21st Ave Greenway and Delridge Trail from West Seattle Bridge to routes to west via Andover.     
16 37th Ave SW between SW Hudson and SW Alaska: an “enhanced street”     
17 Delridge SW to SW Holden –  Add a trunnel up the stairway.     
18 West Duwamish trail through South Park – coordinate with King County portion to connect with Seattle     
19 Extend the off-street West Marginal trail into South Park along S. Portland St. Cross Holden at the WA-99 light, use WSDOT right-of-way to connect to S Portland St, and add an off-street trail along Portland to 8th Ave S.     
20 Greenway route along Duwamish River in South Park: Connect the West Duwamish trail to the 14th Street Bridge via S Kenyon St, S 10th Ave, and Dallas Ave S.     
21 SW Admiral Way westbound (uphill) from Spokane St/ Avalon/ Harbor Avenue SW:  Improve connection for access to Admiral.     
22 Beach Drive SW into north end of Lincoln Park multi-use path – add connection.    
23 West Marginal Way SW and Highland Park Way SW: Redesign Northwest corner of to avoid collection of dirt and gravel.