Buses, bikes and social life

This day would have been so much less if I had driven a car the places I needed to go.
This morning a nice tailwind pushed me most of the way to work under threatening skies. Later on I took the #66 to go to the dentist in the U District with bike on board so I could ride back downtown faster than taking the bus. The driver was getting off for a break at the ferry terminal as I approached. I asked if I could load the bike, and he said, “only if you are an architect”. Turned out he was an old friend and fellow architect now driving for Metro part time and running his own flower business. We had a great time catching up on the last 10 years and his various careers and  friends, while he took great care with several disabled passengers who obviously would not be able to drive or bike to their destination. Yaakov also talked about the toll the vibrations from bad paving take on bus drivers, and how we need to fund road improvements.
45 minutes by bus to NE 45th, 30 minutes by bike back to Pioneer Square. Along the way,  Silas from Cascade’s Major Taylor Project introduced himself, as he rode on his way to SeaTac. We talked about that great program and our friends at Cascade and routes through West Seattle to the airport.
Then after work riding home, A.J., SDOT traffic engineer, overtook me me and we chatted about East Marginal and the bike counter and the Delridge Greenway construction, and found out we both had personal connections with Pathfinder School. After he peeled off, a young lady on a IMG_7453super carbon road bike told me about her trip from California where she was just riding her racy machine, and her legs gave proof to it. This would never happen off the bike. Then I finished the ride catching up to and talking with Bob Anderton, bike lawyer and neighbor.
It’s not about the bike.