Seattle Bike Master Plan: Have We Been Heard?

The Bike Master Plan Update final draft will be revealed at public open houses in June. Last fall, we organized and participated in workshops, meetings with SDOT planners, group mapping and online comments.  Does the plan respond?  Lets go find out and let the planners and City Council know what we think!

June 5,  6-7:30 PM   Seattle City Hall:  some of us can attend and check it out.

June 6,  12-1 PM   online session: others can learn and comment

June 12, 6-7:30 PM  Columbia Branch Library:  our chance to give an organized response after exchanging information and thoughts after  the first sessions.   We can organize a group ride and transit options to show the West Seattle flag.

Here is a nice little visual glossary of “bike facilities” planning jargon from the draft plan that can be good preparation for these sessions.