Lance David Memorial Ride – May 7th 3


Ghost bike at location where Lance lost his life.

On Wednesday, May 1st, the first hours of Bike to Work Month witnessed tragedy.  Lance David, a 54 year old cyclist, friend, father, and husband, was killed in a collision with a truck on East Marginal Way.

Please join us and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways for a short memorial bike ride starting on Tuesday, May 7th at 5:30pm, where we’ll have a chance to gather as a community in memory of Lance and all the others who have tragically lost their lives on the streets of our city.

Where:  Meet at the Seacrest Park (1660 Harbor Ave SW)

When:  Tuesday, May 7th, 5:30 PM

Why:  Along with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, we want to ensure our community supports safe, healthy, livable streets.  This segment of the daily commute for many people going to and from West Seattle by bike can be hazardous.

We want to learn from this tragedy and make the commute better for West Seattle, and make streets safer all over Seattle.  We want streets that allow predictable safe behavior and allow us to look out for each other.

Lance David worked in freight & shipping, just like the truck driver involved in the collision.  His job depended on the port and its modes of transportation.  Shipping company employees depend on safe routes to ride to work.  It is not “us” against “them”.  It is all “us”…we are one community.

Route:  The ride will be a relaxed, flat 3.2 miles, entirely on separated bike paths (the Alki bike path and West Seattle Bridge path) from the meeting location to the site of Wednesday’s crash.

Safety will be our foremost concern on this ride. The path has blind curves and a couple of tricky intersections. Bike commuters will be coming west at a good clip as we travel east. They are not expecting to meet a crowd. Seattle Police Bike Patrol officers will escort us, but each rider will need to pay attention to the path and other users.  We will yield to pedestrians, and stop at red lights unless a police officer is waiving us through.


Memorial bike ride route for Lance


Several people contributed flowers at the memorial site